Getting on your bicycle by standing your right foot on the pedal and stepping your left foot on the ground is out of the question. Swiping your foot is a difficult thing to do. Sounding depth e.g. when you are walking downstairs presents a great problem. Walking straight on a line is impossible. Arm and leg coordination is inappropriate. You can only move sidewards at a very slow pace and making crossteps is a hard job to do.

You are incapable of moving towards a moving object such as a ball. Walking can only be done whit your legs wide apart. If you are walking and you want to do something else besides (e.g. talk to somebody or look at something), your concentration on your walking activity lessens, and as a result the risk of stumbling or falling increases.

Coordination is the control of the entire motor system. Allows for the harmonious and economic cooperation of muscles, nerves and senses to create targeted, stable movement actions and rapid situation-adapted responses (reflexes). The following aspects are necessary for optimal coordination.
1e: Correct force measure (range of motion and speed)
2e: Correct muscle choice (movement execution and direction)
3e: A smooth alternation between muscle tension and relaxation for a good motor adaptation.